About me

I am Gokul Eswaran, I came into existence about 36 years ago. Belonging to conservative south Indian family, I went through the usual roster School- engineering – Job – MBA – second Job. Parallels can be drawn between this roster and a sprint marathon wearing blinkers. It leaves very little latitude for thinking and focuses heavily on performance.

As a child, my favourite playing toy was a screw driver and a spanner.  Naturally, I was inclined to mechanical engineering. The other trait I quite liked was meeting new people. Quite certainly I was unwilling to move into fields that did not deal with mechanical engineering. This was construed a sin among the tam bram coteries who expected every individual to end up becoming a software professional.

After trying my hand at sales, strategic planning, business analytics and market research, I stepped into management consulting.  My job involves extensive travel. Travel always provides a new perspective to life.

I have seen a large part of my country and few other nations. Having experienced cultural diversity, multiple walks of life, numerous cuisines and many new people, I often felt the need to articulate my thoughts into succinctly worded articles.

This website is a genuine effort towards achieving that goal. Happy reading!!

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