The rise of China and its perils!!

It’s considered inauspicious to shut down a blast furnace.  That could very well be the fate of the furnace of Port Tablot plant in Britian, owned by Tata steel, unless David Cameroon and his cabinet decide to dole out some concessions.

In another part of the world, some species are swiftly heading towards extinction on account of the profound belief of the medicinal values their parts and organs possess.

What’s the linkage between the two: both are caused by our communist neighbor China. The Chinese have successfully driven the global steel industry to a glut in their usual style, dumping.

While the British government was busy fighting for a special status in the EU, the Chinese dumped low cost commodity steel rending the high cost steel making unviable. US lawmakers smartly imposed an anti-dumping duty to safeguard the interests of their steel makers.

While experts claim this to be the start of the overhaul of European steel industry, the threat of glut looms over numerous other global industries owning to Chinese and their insatiable ambitions.  Coal, oil refining, aluminum and chemicals are all candidates to hit a glut very soon.

China is an atheist nation. The remotest trace of religion is in North West region of Xinjiang, where a cohort of Uighurs live. Their numbers has been constantly shrinking owing to escalating tensions and violence with the government forces due to the imposition of decree on practices related to Ramadan and fasting.

With such hallowed principles and veneer of communism on top of it, it isn’t dumbfounding to expect the communist mammoth to allow its zealous ambitions to supersede the worlds ambitions.

Religion plays a critical role in determining the righteousness of actions. Religion along with a social system, the societal fabric, faith in god and the individual value systems paves way for a critical companion of life, Ethics.

The Port Tablot plant has been incurring insurmountable daily losses on account of hefty wage bills, energy costs and green cess.  British steel industry as a whole has been downfall for some-time with declining outputs. The gap created in the international market has been bombarded with cheap Chinese steel.

The Management of Port Tablot failed on two fronts: 1) inability to identify a niche segment to cater to the international market, stay prominent and withdraw from the supply of commodity steel 2) Failure to infuse operational nimbleness.  Their domestic Indian operation has remained insulated from competition on account of largess of mines that was granted at inception. So, historically their cost of production has remained minuscule compared to margins recovered by the sale of the final product. Hence operational excellence was never perceived relevant.

In China, recently a high level panel of doctors presented a case requesting the government to lax rules on wildlife protection that would promote Chinese medicine. Their rationale is the proliferation of western medicine that threatens the interest of home grown, culturally nurtured methods in medicine.

Chinese believe that the pulverized tiger bones and rhino horns contain tremendous medicinal value. Though the panel is advocating parts of farmed animals to be used for medicinal purposes, demand may still shoot up since the users mind is free from the guilt of using a poached animal’s part.

Every sphere that fervently involves China is set to be preceded with insular interests rather than the global good. Unfortunately, the current global tide is signaling the prevalence of this trend unless a group of rich nations attempt to buttress global good to the communist Goliath.

The world should be prepared to witness numerous jobs losses and dwindling of few endangered species at the behest of the China!!



Disclaimer: views expressed in the article are the personal opinion of the author.


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