International Women’s day 2016

जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी means “Mother and motherland is dearer than heaven”. The verse narrated by Lord Ram when he was rendered victorious in the war against the mighty Ravana. The juncture was when Vibhisan asked Lord Ram to stake a claim to the golden city of Lanka. The Equanimeous Sri Ram chose to ignore the resplendent lanka to his mother.

One of the reasons Pithamah Bhisma acquired invincibility was because he was the progeny of Ganga. Even the indomitable Bhisma had to yield and forego has ambition of killing Arjuna when he was confronted by Sikhandhi, who was a woman at birth.

Mahabharatha is unimaginable if it were to be deprived of events such as draupadi’s mockery of duryodhana that led to the game of pachisi and eventually to kurukshetra war. The genesis to the unfolding of the events was surely Panchaali.

Coming back to terrafirma, S Gurumurthy defines “The Indian economy as feminine in its soul” marked with propensity to savings, moderate consumption and family structure, the basic DNA that defines any Indian family and an woman wields a great degree of power in all of them. While modern economics is considered masculine.

Interestingly, India is currently the only economy that is growing while many global economies that pledged allegiance to modern economics are tumbling. Even in economics femininity wins.

Prominent rivers in India have female names. Water, one of the panchabutha personifies a crucial ingredient of the body that is constantly flowing, the blood. If its stops, the soul departs.

English has 1,025,109 words. Few words understand the inherent superiority that nature has bestowed upon women. “Her” has “he” in it. “She” has “he” in it, “female” has “male” in it. Finally, “Woman” has a man in it.

The saying goes “Women were not created to do the things that men do, they were in-fact created to do things that men can’t”. Beyond doubt, it’s a privilege to be a woman, so enjoy every moment of it.

Happy women’s Day!!


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