Its a rainy dark night. A pregnant woman is driving her ambassador car, her anxious husband is on the other side of the phone. She attempts to alleviate him while traversing through the dense forests.

While she struggles to decipher the treacherous road, she glimpses someone in “Bhuta kola” i.e impersonating devil, in the middle. ¬†Moments after that, her vehicle is off the road. While she tries to recoil, the avatar is behind her in the rear seat.

The first scene of the movie throws the auditorium to pin drop silence in anticipation. The story then moves to Bangalore where Gautam suvarna(Nirup bhandari), a freelance writer for an american magazines lives with his wife Indu suvarna who is on her family way. Gautam’s novelist pen name is “Anashku”.

Indu has sleeping problems and is often jolted by a nightmare involving Gautam. Citing this as a reason, Indu convinces Gautam an atheist, to travel to Kamarottu, a village in tulunadu to perform Bhutaradhane, a ritual performed as a propitiation.

On a parallel track, Sandhya Bhargav is on search for the writer “Anashku” to construe the secret behind the impeccable writing. The post box search trail leads her to kamarottu as well.

At the ancestral house in kamrottu, Indu suvarna is haunted by the avatar. Gautam meanwhile uncovers an illegal sand mining racket prevalent in the village. Amidst all this, Indu suvarna goes missing. The first half leaves the viewer with numerous surmises.

Gautam is Siddarth in college who is Sandhya’s fiancee until a near fatal accident. Siddarth suffers memory loss and becomes Gautam after the accident. Sandya offers to help Gautam in his search after his abrasive encounter with the local police. With a history of missing preganant women in the village that the duo discover, the second half positions itself like a real thriller.

But the pace is lost marginally due to two back to back infuriating songs. Delving deeper into the missing women cases unfolds a pattern that repeats every year at a specific point. At this point, suspicion surrounds the gamut of single men in the village. The school master, the doctor and the post master.

The story ends with the rescue of Indu from the hands of a lunatic who is one of the single men in the village and Sandya discovering the secret behind Siddarth becoming Gautam.

The second half of the movie is complimented with some commendable performance by the protagonist and Sai kumar, the village post master. The cinematography is surely a feature to watch for in the movie and the music director adds flair to the movie with his little nuances throughout. Rangi Taranga is surely a much awaited offbeat kannada thriller that deserves a watch.