image Eleventh from Shankar’s factory

Shankar does it again! Delivers a movie packed with technology, research, emotion and loads of action. The movie is made carefully by juxtaposing scenes from past and the present that leaves the audience bemused deciphering the story. This goes on till the interval. Suresh gopi’s chivalry towards amy and her mother kindles a suspicion though.

Shankar, as a director is one who uses aspects of movie making to its fullest extent. Be it Rahman’s music, prabhu deva and aishwarya’s temporal stardom, rajni’s brand value or the societies feud towards corruption and mismanagement. Thats why we find shankar’s filmography mixed with movies that give a message vs the ones that do not.

Opulence is another word that can be benevolently applied to Shankar’s offerings. His thought process is large scale. “I” justifies the earlier definitions and lives up to expectation in terms of scale.

Weka workshop, the agency that worked for Peter jacksons LOTR series have done the make up for “I”. Impeccable detailing on the senile looking Vikram is commendable.

Amy jackson looks appealing and Vikram seems to have worked hard to fit himself into the character. He has lost weight to the tune of 30-40 kgs for the role.

Rahman’s music is grossly disappointing except one or two numbers that may last on lips for about 2-3 months.

Overall, the movie can be watched only for the scale. Otherwise, the script is very usual and predictable.